RA.Sullivan Photography, LLC.


Sully is RA.Sullivan's nick name, they are one and the same and hence "sullyphoto.com".

“Sully” = RA.Sullivan has been a working photographer since the fall of 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida. Starting by photographing models, sports, theater, and dance for Jacksonville University. A bit after graduating with a BFA in Photography he reloacated to the Washington DC area. After freelancing assisting, Sully took a position with May Department Stores at Hecht's in 2002 where he worked as the assistant fashion photographer.
Durring his employment at Hecht’s, he pursued his passion for photography at every available moment by shooting models, table top, architecture, as well as working freelance commercial shoots. Since summer of 2006 Sully has left work with May Department Stores to return to freelance photography.

Always chalenging himself and further exploring the use of the digital mediums he is currently working a project with the dance of Tango at it's core.